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About us


Neil Hall & John Sawyer purchased Thames farm in 2003 – Johns Son Pete Sawyer later brought John out of the Business.

Neil having come from a engineering background with many years in the engineering industry, Neil brings a great deal to the company from milking machine, pump and water treatment installations and repairs.

Pete brings a great aspect to the sales side of the business along with his knowledge in pool and spa.


Making up the Team

Neil Hall (Managing Director) - co owned Thames farm since 2003 and worked for the company for 8 years before buying into it, prior to that worked all around the world in engineering.

Pete Sawyer (Managing Director) - born and bred in Thames, lived in Perth and western Australia for 10 years before returning to Thames to take over his Dads Position in the business, Pete brings a great deal of water and pumping knowledge to the table.

Sheryl Hall - Neil’s wife has been working for the company for 1 year, with a back ground in banking, Sheryl has recently taken on a large chuck of the accounts receivable side of the business and also gets out in the sales van with Neil.

Lance Edlin - worked for Thames farm for 14 years, and was farming prior to that, lance does most of our dairy work, but has a wised range of skills in all aspects of the business.

Daniel Simpson – coming to us in 2016 after working for Davey Water Products for 14 years where he worked his way from a service technician, sales rep – Daniel has a wide range of skills in the water treatment and pumping industry, as well as is picking up the dairy and pool aspects very quickly.

Kerryn Finucane - coming to us from Davey water products where she worked in customer service for 2 years, prior to that spent 8 years at bay milking equipment and BME pools and spas in Whakatane, Kerryn has a lot of knowledge in all aspects of the business.

Dale Riely - Dale used to work for Thames Farming driving one of the delivery trucks calling on farms, sadly Dales was forced to leave due to an injury, she is now back in the shop helping out Kerryn 4 days a week. 


Lachie Anderson - Lachie has been  with us for 2 years now, he has starting doing the dairy technician apprentiship and has the makings of a great technician. He is picking up all aspects of the servicing side of the business quickly. we are happy to have him in out team. 


Neville Discombe (Contractor) - Neville worked for Thames Farm for a number of years before purchasing the Dairy Testing Business that contracted to Thames Farm, he still does all the dairy testing for Thames Farm and helps out with Dairy Maintenance and shed alterations as we need him.